Marketing Director Fredericksburg/ Warsaw:

  • ·        Informs Community and Health Professionals about Health care practices as it relates to Home Health, visiting physicians, hospitals, insurance providers, social services agencies and trust officers. Coordinates the distribution of Home Health related materials.


·        Plans, schedules, and presents informational activities to community and agency personnel.                            


·        Identifies and informs staff and community of new home care education opportunities.                                  

·        Communicates new regulations and information promptly and openly with agency’s customer, contact personnel and other agency staff as appropriate.                        


·        Maintains accurate expense and time records, files timely.                                                                     

·        Maintains ongoing liaison with Director, Administration and staff.                                                                

·        Arranges and institutes the agency’s community educational activities (participates in health fairs, training sessions).                                                         


·        Plans, prioritizes, and presents educational activities to administration for approval on a quarterly basis.                   


·        Reviews and recommends upcoming educational programs.                                                                 

·        Attends appropriate training classes to obtain materials/education to be utilized in staff/community training.                                                                     


·        Has knowledge of current Home Health Services, policies and procedures.                                            

·        Has ability to carry out responsibilities in an organized and accurate manner.                                                          

·        Maintains a positive image as goodwill ambassador


·        Self directing, organized and innovative, exercises sound judgment.                                                    


·        Communicates with a wide variety of individuals in an effective manner.                                  

·        Conducts random surveys to assure care according to agency's goals, objectives and policy.                    


·        Conducts staff inservice education.                            


·        Participates in personal professional growth and development.                                                            

·        Complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards governing home health care and the agency policies.


·        Maintains good attendance record.                           


·        Maintains good punctuality record.                          


·        Observes confidentiality.                                           


·        Adheres to safety policies/procedures.                      


·        Complies with infection control policies.                  


·        Participates in continuing education.                                  


·        Attends mandatory in-services.                                 


·        Follows agency policies.                                           



·        Communicates with peers, other health team members, patients, and visitors.                                 

·        Maintains adaptability                                        


·        Resolves problems.                                                                                                       


·        Communicates with staff and the home health patients and others involved in patients care.     

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