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Get listed with Network2Work to find job seekers.

Network2Work matches quality job-seekers with available jobs that pay a decent wage and lead to a career. We listen to local employers who tell us what they need. Once a job-seeker selects a job they want to pursue, we connect them directly to the training and resources they need to help them get and keep that chosen job—resources like affordable childcare, reliable transportation, legal assistance, health care, and more.

At Network2Work, we follow the saying, “It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.” We get to know the job-seeker, we know the local employers, we know community resource partners, and we can help make the connection.

Real Jobs. Real People. Realizing Potential.


The job ticket literally takes 5 minutes to complete. Please pay particular attention to the Prequalification questions at the bottom right of the ticket and choose the appropriate ones from the drop-down menu. In addition, please place any encouraging “wording” in the bottom right corner, “Career Pathway” box to give the Job Seeker a sense of how to grow in this career.

Once you have completed the job ticket, hit “submit for review” and it will go to central Virginia community of over 400 + volunteer “Connectors” who will then identify potential candidates for the job(s). In addition, anyone can see the listing of jobs on our public portal: 

Create as many job tickets for available positions as you wish (you only need to create one job ticket if the same position has multiple openings). Our goal is to connect people to quality jobs that also assist them with self-sufficiency, wage-wise. Our floor is $15.00/hour, however if you also have positions (or part-time positions) that pay between $12.50 and $14.99, we label these as “Stepping stone” jobs to designate to the job seeker that we are happy to connect them to these jobs but our goal is for them to keep moving along a “career ladder” toward self-sufficiency with a future job (maybe even within your organization) within one-year that pays $15.00 or more.

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