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Introducing Rylan Seay, Louisa County Chamber of Commerce Fall initern


The Louisa County Chamber of Commerce is excited to introduce you to Rylan Seay, our Fall intern.  He is already underway with outreach to our membership collecting information.  Please help Rylan achieve success and learn from our members.

My name is Rylan Seay, and I am a student at Louisa County High School, and a member of Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School. Currently, I am an intern for the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce, and am assisting in the organization and execution of the Chamber’s 95th Anniversary. I am also working on gaining information about the Chamber’s history. I’ve lived in Louisa for 17 years, and I have an interest in entrepreneurship and learning about maintaining a business and business procedures. My main focus is learning about local businesses around Louisa, since I have lived here my whole life.


Rylan Seay


Class of 2022


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